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Welcome boils and ghouls to the spooktacular month-long celebration dubbed 31 Days Of Halloween.
Perhaps introductions are in order? I'm your maniacal master of ceremonies, Zack “The Mothman” Daggy. I’m a writer, filmmaker, new media personality and geek. I’ve been involved with the horror genre as a creator, a critic and most importantly, a fan.

Some years ago I started celebrating Halloween as a month-long horror film festival. This eventually turned into a competition among friends to see who could watch the most films. Then it jumped online and spread like a zombie plague. Now it’s celebrated worldwide every year across social media. To mark the rapid growth of #31DaysOfHalloween and make the event easier for newcomers, I decided to put together this handy companion web site. It offers the official rules, an alternative extended way to compete and a monster-sized film guide to fill your every scary movie need! As an additional treat, I've also include my original short film, Dark Worlds: Slasher. You can watch it on this very site, absolutely free!

So once again, welcome to 31 Days Of Halloween! Along the way, remember to check your candy for razorblades, never trust a clown in the moonlight, and most of all NEVER blowout your jack-o'-lantern before morning!

Happy Halloween,
Zack “The Mothman” Daggy

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Official Rules

Everything that you need to know about how to participate in 31 Days of Halloween!

Film Guide

A monster-sized  film guide, featuring a sub-genre for every taste of horror!

New Horror

A comprehensive list of every scary movie that has been released since last Halloween!


An original short horror film written by Zack "The Mothman" Daggy. Watch it here for free!

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