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Dark Worlds: Slasher (Short Film)

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William Rosum is a bit of a celebrity. He's in the papers all the time. He's the talk of the town Everyone is dying to know where he'll be, what he'll do and most of all… Who he'll kill. After 55 slayings in 5 years, William has earned a reputation as the Careview Slasher, but as he will soon learn, sometimes the price of fame can be deadly.

Based in part on Zack Daggy's original novel, Dark Worlds: Project 31, Dark Worlds is a horror anthology of interconnecting short tales in the vein of Trick r Treat, Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie. Slasher is the first of four short stories set to make up this feature-length film. Watch it online for free!


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Dark Worlds: Project 31

Careview seems like a nice enough place to live. With its small town feel and family owned diners, many visitors have used such words as quaint and charming while passing through. But those that stay long enough quickly change their mind. These are the ones that hear the whispers in the dark, the rustling in their closet, and the scratching from beneath their beds. There is a darkness in Careview. It lies in the shadows, and it’s waiting.


Moving back and forth between 1977 and 2008, PROJECT 31 interweaves the stories of four unlikely Careview residents…a diner waitress with exotic looks and matching heritage, a doctor with a traumatic past, a plainspeaking handyman who knows everyones secrets, and a gothic college girl that is determined to get exactly what she wants. Together they must brave a storm that has been brewing for nearly thirty-one years, but trusting each other might prove to be more than half the battle.




Zack “The Mothman” Daggy, the host of the annual 31 Days of Halloween event brings you Midnight Spookshow: A Guided Tour of Horror Cinema. Since an early age, Zack has been an avid fan of the horror genre. From Ghostbusters to Goosebumps, it has been in his blood right from the start. In 2009 he published his first horror novel, Dark Worlds: Project 31, and now he brings you an inside look at the genre that leaves you screaming for more.

In this first installment, Blood, Sex & Psychos, Zack explores the slasher and torture genres. Ever wonder who was the first madman with a knife to grace the silver screen? What’s the story behind the mask of Michael Myers? How did the screenwriter of Saw almost end up dying for his art? The answers to these questions and many more await in Blood, Sex & Psychos: A Guide to Slasher and Torture Cinema.


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