Genres of Horror

What’s your favorite scary movie? With just 31 days to watch at least 31 horror films, the over ten decades worth of movies to choose from may seem a bit intimidating. Fret not! This companion site is here to guide you through the many sub-genres of horror cinema, and along the way spotlight the iconic films that redefined fear throughout the years!


Are you an Elm Street kid? Did you survive Camp Crystal Lake? 80's horror could be the totally rad shock to your system that you've been waiting for!


Perhaps you have more classical tastes. Do you grow nostalgic when listening to Lugosi's children of the night? Did you shed a tear witnessing the nuptials of Karloff's monster? Universal's legendary icons are always just a Monster-Mash away!

Millennials of course have much to fear in today’s world as well, what with human centipedes, tricycle-riding puppets and near annual bouts of paranormal activity haunting screens both large and small.

On this haunted corner of the interweb you will even find suggestions for family friendly movies for your little goblins, as well as horror comedies for some lighter tricks & treats!


So, have fun, choose your 31 Days of Halloween selections wisely, and welcome to my nightmare!

Note: This is NOT a “best of” list, but rather a selection of possible films to watch over 31 Days of Halloween. Besides individual film entries, info on all relevant sequels, prequels & reboots are included as well. Story descriptions provided by IMDB.