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Advanced Rules

A lot of fans of 31 Days of Halloween have asked if there is a way to include television shows, books. video games and more as a part of the challenge. Provided here is an alternative point based system that allows for multiple forms of media. Due to feedback from participants,  this points system has evolved over the years and continues to expand to allow for even more ways to earn points! Have fun, and be sure to share your feedback online! This system wouldn't exist without beta testers like you!

1. Use the official rules for determining film genres when selecting television shows, books and video games.

2. Instead of a film count, a point based system is used instead.

3. The goal of this system is to reach at least 248 points before sunrise on November 1st.

4. Films at least 60 minutes long are worth 8 points each.

5. Films under 60 minutes long (short films) are worth 4 points each.

6. Television shows at least 40 minutes long without advertisements (Supernatural, American Horror Story) are worth 4 points per episode.

7. Television shows under 40 minutes long without advertisements (Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt) are worth 2 points per episode.

8. Halloween episodes/specials of traditionally non-horror themed television shows (Roseanne, The Simpsons) can count toward your point total. Use the previously mentioned television point system to determine episode point value.

9. Novels/Novellas/Short Stories/Poems of any length are allowed. Unlike films and television, you can start collecting points before you finish reading a story.

10. Every 12 complete pages read earns 1 point. This cannot be divided. Reading 6 pages does NOT earn you half a point.

11. An extra 8 points is earned after completing a novel. An extra 4 points is earned after completing a novella. An extra 2 points is earned after completing a short story or poem.

12. Novels must be started after midnight October 1st. They cannot be continuations of novels that you started reading prior to that time.

13. Audiobooks should follow the same points system as listening to Halloween music (mentioned below).

14. Comic books are worth 1 point per issue read. These issues do not need to all be from the same series.

15. Graphic novels, trade paperbacks, collected editions and giant-sized special issues are worth 1 point per 15 pages read. An extra 4 points is earned after completion of that book.

16. Video games are worth 1 point for every complete 15 minutes of gameplay. Example: 14 minutes of gameplay earns you no points. 59 minutes of gameplay earns you 3 points, while 60 minutes of gameplay earns you 4 points.

17. Completing a game in story mode earns an additional 8 points. Another 8 points is awarded for completing the entire game above the normal difficulty level. These bonuses only apply once per game.

18. Switching video game titles resets the clock. Example: 14 minutes of playing Resident Evil, followed by 10 minutes of Dead Island earns no points.

19. Listening to Halloween themed music earns you 1 point per 15 minutes of listening. This can be stacked with reading books/comics or playing videogames at the same time.

20. Miscellaneous Halloween activities such as pumpkin carving, trick or treating, or attending a costume part, are worth 1 point per 15 minutes, rounded up. This is the only circumstance that rounding up is allowed. Any of the previous activities can be combined with this to earn extra points simultaneously.

The Advanced Rules of 31 Days of Halloween may change from year to year. It's not a perfect system, but it is improving every year thanks to beta testers like Jamie Dupree. When posting about your points online, please include the hashtag #31DaysOfHalloweenBeta. Cheers!

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